Important Information – How will I understand that there is infection?

Even if the pin tract sites are taken care of very well, there is risk that pin tracts are infected and cause complications. In a case of infection, we should see one or more of the symptoms written below:

– Erythema at the pin site

– Swelling at the pin site

– Dense or colored drainage coming from pin tract site

– Loosening of the pin

– Persistent pain at pin tract site

If you notice one of those, you should contact your doctor at once.

Orthofix Adjustments

– All markings on your Orthofix fixator will be placed by your treatment team.

– The opening (lengthening) unit will be marked with an arrow drawn on a tape, which shows the direction.

– The reference line and ¼ of a complete turn will be marked with paint on the opening (lengthening) unit.


1. Place the Allen key on the marked nut of the distraction unit.

2. Turn the key towards the direction of the arrow.

3. Turn the key for the defined amount in order to complete adjustment (the next marking on the lenghthening unit refers to ¼ of a complete turn).

4. Remove the Orthofix Allen key from the opening (lengthening) unit.

5. Record the adjustments on a chart including time.