In Which Conditions Is The Ilizarov Method Used?

1- Open and closed fractures

Usually after a high energy trauma like a traffic accident or falling from a height, skin integrity is broken in addition to the fracture; this is called an open fracture. In this type of fracture, microorganisms coming from the external environment can access bone easily and cause osteomyelitis, which is very hard and takes long to treat. In these cases, using internal fixation materials like intramedullary nail and plate has an infection risk.External fixation materials like the Ilizarov system is preferred.

2- Nonunited fractures (Pseudoarthrosis)

In these cases, blood supply required for bone healing is inadequate. The Ilizarov system is used, because this system increases vascularization and blood supply.

3- Bone lenthening operations (polio sequela, trauma, after infection)
4- Correction of upper and lower extremity deformities
5- Bone loss following tumor, trauma or infection
6- Limb lengthening in Dwarfism
7- Bone Infections
8- Hip Dislocation in Children and Adults
9- Foot Diseases