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You can take an active role in your healing by taking good care of your external fixator and keeping your pin tract sites clean and dry. The pin tract sites should be cleaned in an easy and painless fashion from the first day of your external fixator until it is removed. The rules for pin tract site care may be subject to small changes but there are some main rules that should be followed. Although your doctor may change the cleaning solution and the application method, the materials usually used are:
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  • Cleaning solution: 70° pure alcohol
  • Sterile containers for the solution
  • 5 cm X 5cm and 10cm X 10 cm gauze
  • Sterile swab
  • Garbage bag

If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics for infection, use these antibiotics as you are told. Don’t forget to clean your pin tract sites twice daily, even if you are taking antibiotics.

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